Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust

Posted on Sep 20, 2017

Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust
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Evaluating impact

MHMT was established by the family of Miriam Hyman, a young women who lost her life in the 2005 London bombings. ‘Miriam’s Vision’ is a set of curriculum materials focused on building tolerance, empathy and resilience and inspired by Miriam and her family. As part of his role as a Trustee of MHMT, White Loop MD Jim Playfoot led a research project looking at the impact of Miriam’s Vision on young people in schools across the UK. We continue to support the work of MHMT and to promote Miriam’s Vision.

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“Jim was introduced to this Trust six years ago and has since served on the Advisory Group concerned with the development and dissemination of our Education Resource – Miriam’s Vision – on a purely voluntary basis. In addition, he recently joined our Board of Trustees. His knowledge and understanding of education is exceptionally wide which is reflected in his advice which is extensive, highly perceptive, and given freely. The fact he is amiable and has a great sense of humour makes it a joy to work with him. He is an extremely valued and popular member of our team. We feel very fortunate and honoured he decided to join forces with us, taking a strong leadership role in our steady progress. “

Mavis Hyman, Founder, MHMT